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Secco Drink Infusion is now available on Amazon!

Check out our latest news release on Secco USA and our latest developments:


July 16, 2020 - Secco Drink Infusion’s global footprint expands in USA.

Cape Town-based food scientist and entrepreneur, Wessel Pieterse, created Secco Drink Infusion in 2017 on the back of South Africa’s burgeoning gin trend. Each flavorful sachet of natural, freeze-dried fruit, flowers and spices allows consumers to create delicious drink infusions or garnishes – just like the ones they’d enjoy at a trendy speakeasy or cocktail bar – from the comfort of their homes.

Since then the brand has grown from a local South African startup to a booming international brand in just three-years. The range can be found in several thriving global markets including the US, Mexico, Netherlands, Australia/New Zealand, Denmark, Mauritius, Namibia, Botswana, Canada and Switzerland.

Most recently, the incredible growth of the Secco brand in the US market has expanded to to include the launch of, a dedicated US-based online store, as well as completion of listing the full product range on Amazon, the largest online platform that connects the brand to millions of Americans.

Secco’s dedicated US team, which is headquartered in the Tri-State area under the leadership of Heather O’Connor, listed Secco on Amazon in June 2020 after building the brand in her region over just 2 months, with an astoundingly positive response from both the trade and consumers.

“We’re expecting big numbers and brand equity growth through the channel” comments O’Connor, who goes on to say, “The sheer scale of the Amazon platform ensures immediate and direct exposure to active online shoppers looking for new and unique products. The platform also serves as a discovery engine, so to speak, whereby emerging brands are able to catch the attention of retail buyers and other brands also seeking new products to bring to their customer bases. We hope this leads to exciting collaborations in the future.”

The timing of this listing couldn’t have been better, as currently, global lockdown is still enforced in many countries with alcohol sales and consumption highly regulated. The limitations have led to the rise of the “hometainment” trend, where consumers now find themselves getting more creative in the kitchen than usual, seeking to replicate their restaurant and bar experiences whilst confined to their own homes.

“It seems that even though people are mostly at home because of lockdown, they’re getting creative and recreating the Instagram-worthy drinks they’d normally order on a night out, all while respecting social distancing measures,” said Wessel.

With the clink of glass over a celebratory virtual call, the team concludes, “As we adjust to the new normal, it seems that conviviality is still a consumer priority in households all over the world, we’re delighted to be able to supply a delicious addition to online baskets, knowing the perfect drink is just one click away.”

Secco is available in 8-sachet boxes in the following flavors: Ginger Lime, Raspberry Rose Hibiscus, Pepper Berry and Spiced Pomegranate.

Serving Suggestion: Add one sachet of Secco to a G&T, cocktail or soft drink of your choice. Leave to infuse and enjoy the burst of natural flavour.

Find your favorite on Amazon:


For press or trade inquiries, please contact: 

Wessel Pieterse, Founder of Tastelab and Secco


Mobile: 083-6555-298



Heather O’Connor, US distributor of Secco-USA 




Connect with Secco Drink Infusion Online:

Secco South Africa




Secco USA





Press Contact South Africa

Katie Coetzee

081 851 2765

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