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The Secco Story



Secco is a blend of specially selected fruits, botanicals and aromatics which allow you to naturally infuse a drink of your choice the way a master mixologist would without all the fuss.

We make great efforts to use sustainably farmed ingredients, organic whenever possible because we believe in doing whatever we can to benefit the farmers, our employees and our customers.

The process by which each ingredient has been dried leaves its structure open, allowing natural flavors and colors to infuse your beverage. Simply add one sachet of your favorite Secco recipe to a glass of G&T (very popular in South Africa), cocktail, mocktail, soft drink, or water, and enjoy 🥂!

Expert mixology at home

elevate your cocktails & mocktails

Wessel Pierce, our founder, mixologist, and food scientist, has invested countless hours in creating the perfect balance of fruit, aromatics, and spices to elevate any beverage to become a spectacular event for the senses.

Our team hand-selects each ingredient to ensure that when you open a sachet, you create a memorable cocktail or mocktail, no matter what your beverage of choice is.

Secco is easy to use on the go, at the beach, pool, boat, or ski lodge. Why take precious moments away from your loved ones to find ingredients and research recipes when we have done most of the work for you.

Join the party!

The secco brand is all about making enjoyable memories. We would never dream of telling you how to use our product, all that we ask is that you enjoy your Secco with friends and family ❤️.

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