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Secco Drink Infusion - Classic

Spiced Pomegranate Drink Infusion for Cocktails & Mocktails

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Infuse your favorite gin and tonic, cocktail, mocktail, soft drink or water with our Spiced Pomegranate Infusion to release natural flavors and floral notes of brilliant red pomegranate rubies and butterfly pea flowers complemented by aromatic star anise and cardamom.

Simply add one sachet to your drink and refill as many times as you like - a single Secco Drink Infusion will keep releasing its natural flavors and aromatics. 

What's in the box?

  • 8 Spiced Pomegranate Secco Drink Infusion sachets
  • Ingredients: Pomegranate rubies, Butterfly pea flowers, star anise, cardamom
  • NO artificial ingredients or additives

    Buy Secco Spiced Pomegranate Drink Infusion for Cocktail
    Pomegranate Secco Makes a great gift
    Easily pour Secco into the glass
    Infuse Pomegranate Secco
    Secco elevates everyday cocktails
    Edible and delicious
    Eight packets per box
    Perfect for gin, vodka and tequila
    Spiced Pomegranate Drink Infusion for Cocktails & Mocktails
    • Cape Town, South Africa

      A beautiful product, hand-packaged in Cape Town, where a drink is a spectacular event.

    • Empowering Women

      Secco believes in providing upskilling, educational opportunities and seed funding to help its employees achieve their goals.

    • Sustainable

      Ingredients are sourced from responsible farms that are as close as possible, and all waste is repurposed.

    • Simple Ingredients

      Secco is made from fruits, spices and flowers. That's it, no chemicals or preservatives.