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Secco Drink Infusion

The Ultimate Gift Set for Cocktails & Mocktails

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Our Ultimate Gift Set is perfect for birthdays, hostess gifts, Christmas, Valentines Day and any other occasion you can think of. Loaded with all 7 infusions, whoever is receiving your gift will be able to mix, match and explore different drinks.

Secco Drink Infusions jazz up any beverage with curated blends of whole freeze-dried fruits, flowers and spices. Just open a packet and add to the glass - Secco keeps infusing even when you refill your glass multiple times. Try Secco in your favorite seltzer, tea, G&T, glass of Prosecco, vodka soda, margarita or non-alcoholic refresher (even plain water!) -- it's low effort, high reward. Everything else is just a slice of boring! *Our infusions not only release natural flavors, but they also release natural colors.

Included in an elegant gift box are the full range of Secco's line - 16 sachets total:
2x Pineapple Cassia Bark
2x Spiced Fig
2x Cherry Blossom
2x Pepper Berry
2x Spiced Pomegranate
2x Ginger Lime
4x Raspberry Rose Hibiscus (our best seller!)

The Ultimate Gift Set for Cocktails & Mocktails
The Ultimate Gift Set for Cocktails & Mocktails
The Ultimate Gift Infusion Cocktail & Mocktail Infusion Set
Mixed flavors of Secco
The Ultimate Gift Set for Cocktails & Mocktails
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Inside of Ultimate Gift Sampler
Secco gift boxes
All the different flavors
Our classic recipes
Our new flavors
  • Cape Town, South Africa

    A beautiful product, hand-packaged in Cape Town, where a drink is a spectacular event.

  • Empowering Women

    Secco believes in providing upskilling, educational opportunities and seed funding to help its employees achieve their goals.

  • Sustainable

    Ingredients are sourced from responsible farms that are as close as possible, and all waste is repurposed.

  • Simple Ingredients

    Secco is made from fruits, spices and flowers. That's it, no chemicals or preservatives.